Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Tau Cheo (Preserved Soya Bean) Recipe

Tau Cheo (Preserved soya bean) is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Chinese cooking. It is a great ingredient that can bring out the flavours in a dish.
My wife loves bitter gourd that is fried with tau cheo (preserved soya bean). You can use either preserved soya bean or the one in paste. The savoury and saltiness of preserved soya bean helps to eliminate the bitterness in the gourd. This is a tasty and healthy dish to eat with steamed rice. It is also very easy to prepare.

Bitter gourd, 1 pc, cut into thin slices
Garlic, 3 pcs, chopped finely
Tau Cheo (preserved soya bean), 1 table spoon
Sugar, a pinch

Heat up frying pan and add in a little olive oil. Sauteed garlic until fragrant and add in the tau cheo (preserved soya bean). Fry for a short while. Add a little water so if the tau cheo is too dry. Put in the bitter gourd and sugar. I didn’t add salt because tau cheo is already very salty.


Christine@Christine's Recipes said...

Bitter Gourd is one of my favourite vegetables. I'll stir-fry it with beef once in a while, adding the Tau Cheo of course, although my family is not quite into it. :P

Sushma Mallya said...

Nice and healthy stir fry


Simple yet tasty vegetable, love the addition of taucheo in the dish...Having problem to log in for past 2 days, getting the msg "malware detected"..

Pete said...

Christine : Ha ha ha, my kids are also not into it!

Sushma : Agree, it is healthy

Treat and trick : Sorry about that. I think it comes from my foodbuzz tracking code.

tigerfish said...

I enjoy bittergourd and recently found a new way to cook it. Will be posting it soon.

shahana said...

Nice idea! loved the addition of preserved soya vean to bitter gourd.thanks for sharing this....


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