Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deep Fried Vegetarian Vegetable Fritters Recipe

Everyone loves deep fried crispy fritters especially when there are hot out from the wok. Prawns are the common ingredient use in non vegetarian version of this fritters. You can add any crunchy types of vegetable in the batter and it is the final texture of the fritters that will tell whether the fritters are good or not! This is also a good way to get kids to eat vegetable.

Flour, ¾ cup
Egg (optional), 1pc
Carrot, 1 small, cut into strips
French Beans, 5 pcs, chopped finely
Spinach, 3 stalks, chopped finely
Onions, 1 pc, chopped finely
Salt to taste

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and slowly add water while stirring the mixture. Add more flour if necessary. Heat up oil for deep frying. Use a small ladle to scoop some of the batter and deep fry in the hot oil until golden brown. Serve while still hot! Best eaten with chilly sauce.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegetarian Chinese Herbal Soup Recipe

In the normal non vegetarian Chinese herbal dishes,
Chicken is used as one of the main ingredients. The Chinese believe that chicken is nutritious and have healing properties when cooked for a long time. In this vegetarian dish, I replace the chicken with turnips which help to make the soup sweet. Below are the list of Chinese herbs I used and also the health benefits of each and everyone of it.

Yuk Chuk (Polygonatum root, Polygonatum odoratum) – Moisturises our internal organ, balances Yin energy, clear wind and softens the sinews.

Kei Chi (Lycium Berries, Lycium Barbarum) – Brighten the eyes, moistens the lungs and enriches Yin energy.

Longan Fruit (Yanrou, Euphoria Longan, nourishes the blood and spleen)

Turnips, one small, remove skins and cut into four
Kei Chi (Lycium Berries), 2 tablespoons
Yuk Chuk, around 10 pcs
Longan fruits, 8 pcs
Salt to taste
Water, 7 bowls

Pour water in pot and bring to a boil. Add turnips, kei chic, yuk chuk and longan fruits. Boil for one and a half hour. Add salt to taste and turn off the heat. The Vegetarian Chinese Herbal Soup is best eaten with steam rice.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vegetarian Mee (Noodles) Mamak Spaghetti Recipe

I used spaghetti to replace the normal yellow noodles. Actually spaghetti would be a better choice compare to the yellow egg noodles. Mee Mamak is very popular in Indian Muslim restaurant in Malaysia. I have used egg in the recipe below but you can opt out from using it if you don’t take eggs. You can use some deep fried tau kee to garnish the Mamak Mee and also to give it an extra crispy texture.

Spaghetti, 1 bowl, (boiled and cooked)
Tomato sauce, 2 table spoons
Chilly sauce, 2 table spoons
Shallots, 3 pips, cut into slices
Egg, 1 pc
Tomato, 1 pc, cut into slices
Salt to taste
Light Soya Sauce, 1 table spoon
Dark Soya Sauce, ½ teaspoon
Bean sprout (taugeh, optional), ½ cup

Heat up wok, add a little vegetable oil and sauté shallots until golden brown and crispy. Add in the spaghetti and stir fry for a short while. Put in the chilly sauce, tomato sauce, salt to taste, light soya sauce and dark soya sauce. Crack the egg and add in to the mee. Fry thoroughly under high heat. Put in the beans sprout. Fry for a short while. Garnish with cucumber slices and serve.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegan Deep Fried Tofu with Carrot and Leeks Recipe

This is a popular dish after the Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year. During these time leeks are available abundantly and this dish is a good change after eating all the hearty meals during the celebration. I have added in the carrots to give the dish an extra crunch and colour. Leeks go along well with tofu and this is one of my family favourite dishes.

Tofu, 1 block, cut into 1 inch cubes
Garlic, 3 pips, chopped finely
Leeks, 5 stalks, cut into thick slices
Carrot, 1 pc, cut into slices
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon

Deep fry the tofu in hot oil until golden brown. Remove the tofu, drain away excess oil and put aside. Heat up pan and put in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Sauté garlic until fragrant and put in the carrot. Add leeks and salt to taste. Pour in a little water and fry for a short while. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fried Wet Twisted Tau Kee with Cinnamon Stick Recipe – Vegetarian

I love using this wet twisted tau kee (beancurd strips) in my vegetarian dishes. No matter how I cook them, the dish would always turn up nice. I decided to be a little more adventurous by frying the wet twisted tau kee with cinnamon stick and potato. This is a great dish to go with your steamed rice.

Twisted tau kee, 1 cup
Potato, 1 pc large, cut into cubes, deep fried or steam until soft
Cinnamon stick, 2 pcs
Frozen Vegetable mix (carrot, corn & green beans), ½ cup
Shallots, 3 pcs, cut into slices
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon

Heat up frying pan and add in the vegetable oil. Sauté the shallots and cinnamon until fragrant. Add in the wet twisted tau kee and potato. Add frozen vegetable mix and salt to taste. Serve while still hot.


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