Monday, November 10, 2008

Simple Recipe - Vegetarian Tomato Sauce Tau Kan (Wet Bean curd Blocks)

Fresh Tau Kan blocks.
Tomato Tau Kan Dish
Tau kan (Wet Bean curd Blocks) is a very versatile bean curd base product and there are many ways of cooking it. My kids love Tomato Tau Kan and we eat them with steamed rice. If you cannot find Tau Kan in your area, you can use dry bean curd sheet. Soak them in water and fold it into blocks and cut into 2”x2” blocks.

Tau Kan, around 8 blocks, Steamed for 20 minutes
Shallots, 5 pcs, cut into thin slices
Tomato Sauce, 6 table spoons
Plum Sauce, 1 table spoon (optional)
Hickory Smoke BBQ sauce, 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar, 1 teaspoon

Sautéed shallots until fragrant. Add tomato sauce, plum sauce, BBQ sauce, salt and sugar. Pour this sauce over the steamed Tau Kan and serve.


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