Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vegetarian Emperor Shark fin Soup with Pumpkin

Mock vegetarian shark fin soup is available in the frozen section in most hypermarkets these days. I bought a packet of vegetarian frozen shark fin from Tesco during the Chinese New Year Festival and tried to cook it with pumpkin.
Here is the recipe

Soup Base
10 Bowls of water
Soya Beans, ½ bowl
Sweet Corn, 1 pc, remove skins
Turnips (sengkuang), 1 pc, remove skins
Ginger, 1” remove skin
Pumpkin, ½ (steamed and blended into paste)

Boil the ingredients above in the water for 1 hour. Put aside.

Shitake Mushroom/Chinese Dried Mushroom, 5 pcs, soak in cold water until they turn soft, cut into small pieces
Dried Bean Strips, 5 pcs, soak in cold water, cut into small strips when they are soft
Egg Whites (optional), from 3 pcs of eggs
Sesame Oil, 2 table spoons
Corn Flour, 2 teaspoons
Light Soya Sauce, 5 table spoons
Chinese Cooking wine (optional), 1 table spoon

Mix all the ingredients together and leave them aside for 30 minutes

Final Step
Vegetarian Shark fin, 1 bowl (1 packet of frozen shark fin) (you can also use enoki mushroom to replace shark fin)
Corn flour, ½ bowl, add cold water.

Bring the soup to a boil and add in all the marinated ingredients. Add in the vegetarian shark fin. Pour in the corn flour and water mixture to thicken the soup. Add salt to taste.
The Vegetarian shark fin soup is best eaten with a dash of black vinegar.

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