Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegetarian Halal Chinese Char Siew (Mock BBQ Pork, resipi char siew) Recipe using Tau kan (Wet Bean Curd Blocks)

The normal vegetarian char siew that you often seen being sold at shops are made from flour. I tried to experiment making Char Siew from tau kan (wet beancurd blocks) and the result turns out great. I managed to make the aroma and texture of the taukan same are the flour vegan char siew. You can buy tau kan from any vegetarian food vendor.
Below is my recipe for vegan char siew using taukan as the main ingredient.

Tau kan, 6 pcs
Five Spiced Powder, 1 teaspoon
Soya sauce, 3 table spoon
Sugar, 3 table spoon
Dark Soya sauce, ½ teaspoon
Chinese Red rose wine, 1 teaspoon (optional, not halal)
Corn flour, 3 teaspoons
Salt to taste

Marinate the taukan (wet beancurd blocks) with all the other ingredients. Keep aside for at least 20 minutes. You can deep fry these char siew or barbecue them. I deep fried the char siew until they turn golden brown. Cut into slices and serve with white steamed rice.


Baby said...

favourite but why the color different from those sold outside?

Pete said...

Baby : The ones sold outside used colouring....

Atia* said...

I miss the street in WanChai, hongkong there I could buy some char siew....really yummy!

Syuan Lin said...

Yes I Feel Too ^_^... Time Flies

Faisal Admar said...

i love veggie food and this look yummy! :)

miss v said...

i would totally bbq these babies - looks great!

oil of oregano said...

They have something similar at A-Ma vegetarian restaurant in Silom, Bangkok. I may check out Chinatown and see if I can get it there. It looks great.

viagra online said...

This Veggie recipe is so delicious! I wonder if you have more stuff like this in your awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! Really look forward to cooking from your recipes. Wonder where do you get your tau kan from, which wet market? When you fry the tau kan, doesn't it stick to you wok? U must be skillful in doing this.

Pete said...

Anonymous : I got it from Kepong Baru wet market, only one stall Auntie selling it but you can also buy them from vegetarian food wholesaller. Tau kan must be frozen. Use non stick wok to fry for better result and not so oily


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