Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vegan Luohankuo (momordica fruit), Longan (Euphoria Longan), Pear and Pong Tai Hai (Kembang Semankuk, Scaphium Macropodum) Dessert Recipe

This Chinese style dessert is good to balance the yin and yang energy in our body. Longan can help our body to relax, luohankuo & pear is good for the respiratory system and Pong Tai Hai is good to cool down our body!
Anyway, the drink tastes great too!

Luohankuo, 1 fruit, smashed
Pear, cut into thin strips
Longan, 1 cup
Pong Tai Hai, 10 pcs, soak in water and remove seed plus fibre
Brown sugar to taste
Water, 4 bowls

Bring water to a boil and add in all the ingredients. Boil for around one hour. Best eaten if served chilled!


Baby said...

luohankuo smashed? what if u buy the bitter one?

pong tai hai tu macam mana punya? where buy?

Pete said...

Baby : Nowadays normally all sweet. Can buy at Chinese Medicine shop, looks like a kana seed!

Baby said...

what is kana seeD?

Pete said...

Baby : Ha ha, look like a rugby ball!

Baby said...

can i replace luohankuo with something else (let say dried winter melon - tong tung kua)? i forgot to buy that.

kembang semangkuk tu tak macam sangat rugby ball pun?

Pete said...

Sure can, add more brown sugar if you want it to be darker.

Did you get the correct kembang semankok?

Check out my post for kembang semangkok (pong tai hai) picture.

Baby said...

correct ah.. i better copy down your recipe before i lupa..

Baby said...

i modified your recipe to


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