Thursday, August 21, 2008

Simple Recipe – Vegan Fiery Hot Basil Soup - Halal

Basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and serai from
my garden.

Sour and spicy soup!

I ate a non vegetarian version of this soup during my recent trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. Here is the vegetarian version that I cook up.

1) 3 pcs of Kafir lime leaves
2) 10 Stalks of Basil leaves
3) 2 pcs of Lemon grass(serai), smashed
4) 1 big onion
5) 1 green lemon (limau kasturi), or 3 pcs of lime – juiced
6) 1 galangal, 2”x2”x2” (lengkuas)
7) 10 pcs of dried chilies
8) 2 pcs of corn, cut into three section
9) 4 bowls of water
10) 1 bunga kantan, (Torch ginger flower) (optional)
11) 2 table spoon of tamarind paste mixed with water to take out the juice
12) 2 teaspoon of salt or to taste
13) 2 teaspoon of sugar
14) 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil

Bring the water to a boil in the pot and add in the corn. Boil for 30 minutes. Throw in the serai (lemon grass), onions, basil leaves, kafir lime leaves, dried chilies, and bunga kantan. Add tamarind juice, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt to taste and sugar. The soup is ready! Eat with steam rice or as soup for rice vermicelli. If the taste is too sour for you, just add in more sugar to neutralize it a bit.

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Anonymous said... the soup supposed to taste like tomyum? LOL...I think I screwed up lah.

Pete said...

Cleff : Wah, suddenly 7 comments. I thought what happened my blog when I opened the Dashboard. I have answered all your comments. Thanks for the support. LOL

Yes, it is suppose to taste a bit like tomyum but the smell of basil will be stronger because you only have 3 kaffir lime leaves but a lot of basil leaves. You have done it right.
The taste will be
Looks like Tomyam,
Taste like Tomyam,
But it is not Tomyam!
Ha Ha, Being reading too many political blogs! LOl

Anonymous said...

Geez...I must have scared you with my comments. LOL...I bet you thought there's spam. Haha...

Thank god it is supposed to taste like tomyum, I thought I screw up somewhere that the taste turn out like tomyum. But I think, if it's non vegetarian version, some nampla(fish oil) could improve the taste...maybe next time I'll try a non-vegan version of this soup...hmmm...

Pete said...

Cleff : For vegetarian version, you can use seaweed to imitate the fishy smell of Nampla (fish sauce).

Purva Desai said...

Thank you for viisting my blog and You have a wonderful blog too...
And soup looks sizzling hot and drooling.

lanne said...

Nice blog Pete. Everything looks tasty.

Kumudha said...

Wow! So many vegan recipes! nice to discover your blog.

Divya said...

Hey Pete, thanks for visiting my blog today!

You have a nice one as well. I am so glad to see the vegetarian & vegan recipes! I will read up on your blog soon.

By the way, I am sure you have an interesting story about how you got smitten by cooking? Waiting to hear about it.

Pete said...

Purva : Thks for visiting. The soup is like a Thai version of Rasam.

Lanne & Kumudha: Thks for dropping by my blog

Divya : Thks for visiting. Yeah, I thk I will write something on how I started cooking as a hobby! Thks for the good suggestion.

Vaishali said...

Hi Pete- thanks for visiting my blog. I love this soup recipe: it sounds really different. I will try it soon.

Baby said...

sounds like tomyam


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