Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Young Tapioca Shoots with Sambal

This is another popular dish in the outskirt districts of Java Island. Young tapioca leaves are soft and it is nice if eaten with vegetarian sambal. However there are some sap in these young leaves that needs to be removed before eaten. In order to do that they are best boiled in water with a little soda bicarbonate added. Boiling the leaves this way also helps to soften the fibres in the leaves. Tapioca leaves have high contents of nutrients, protein and crude fibre.

Tapioca leaves, 1 bunch, remove stems
Water, 1 pot
Soda Bicarbonate, 1/3 teaspoon

Put water in a pot and bring to a boil. Add tapioca (ubi kayu) leaves and soda bicarbonate. Boil until the leaves turned dark green. Drain away excess water and serve with sambal (chilly).

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Anncoo said...

Never had tapioca shoots before but your dish looks so healthy.


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