Friday, February 26, 2010

Vegetarian Penang Fried Kueh Teow (Flat rice noodles) Recipe - 2nd Version

This is one of The Pearl of Orient, Penang famous hawker food. The fried kueh teow sold by Penang hawkers are normally non-vegetarian type as they have cockles, lard and prawns in it. So, for a vegetarian version, it is not possible to get the same taste as the non vegetarian ones. Penang Char Keuh Teow is lighter in colour and drier than southern version. However, taste wise, it is actually up to the person’s preference!

Kueh Teow (Flat noodles), 1 rice bowl
Soya sauce, 2 table spoons
Dark Soya Sauce, ½ teaspoon
Vegetarian Oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon
Egg, 1 pc
Salt to taste
Chilli Paste to taste
Fu Chuk, 2 pcs, cut into small slices
Vegetable oil, 2 table spoons
Pepper, a dash
Garlic (optional), 1 table spoon
Bean sprout (taugeh), ½ bowl

Heat up wok and put in the vegetable oil. Sautéed garlic until fragrant and add in the kueh teow. Fry for a short while then add in the soya sauce, dark soya sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, salt, chili and pepper. Fry thoroughly then add in the eggs and fu chuk. Lastly, put in the bean sprout and stir until it is cook a little so that it will remain crunchy.

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