Monday, December 13, 2010

Vegetarian Bell Pepper, Pineapple and Apple Salad

Although this homecooked dish is for our family meal at home, it is nice to decorate it once in a while. The flowers are made from pineapples and the stem from parsley. For some crunchiness, I added in an apple. In order to give this vegetarian salad an extra kick, I used a bell pepper that have been baked in an oven. You can use a blow torch to do this as well. The burned skin of bell pepper is very easy to be removed.
Main Ingredients
Bell Pepper, 1 pc, baked or barbecued
Apple, 1 pc, cut into cubes
Pineapple, cut vertically for the flower and cubes for the salad part
Parsley, for garnishing
Salad Dressing
Tomato Sauce, 5 table spoons
Cream or cheese, 1/2 cup
Pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
Cut all the ingredients for the salad and arrange in a plate as shown. Mix all the salad dressing ingredients well. Pour the dressing onto the salad and serve.

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Keith said...

Being neither vegan nor vegetarian, I find the addition of cream and cheese delightful to these recipes. I thank you for this blog