Monday, May 11, 2009

Vegetarian Puri – Indian Pancake

Puri is healthy food and I love the taste of it. You can eat puri with sugar (my daughter’s favourite) or dip it in potato masala curry. I normally have puri for my breakfast whenever I visit any Indian Restaurant. Don’t let the looks of puri fool you. It is actually hollow in the inside. Therefore one puri is not enough to fill my stomach. I usually have two pieces at one go!

I use premix Atta Flour to make puri.

Mix 2 cups of Atta Flour with one cup of water. Need the dough and divide into equal round ball around 1” in diameter. Use a roller pin to make it into round flat shape. Deep fry the puri in hot oil until golden brown. Try not to poke a hole in the puri while frying it or else the puri will not puff up!

Happy cooking!

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Baby said...

this is 1 dish tat i don't like


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